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People of different cultures have always had their differences in regards to conducting economic activities. This was especially true in cases of business people of the West dealing with those of East Asian cultures.

In present times, differences in marketing, advertising design and content, as well as industry practices, local regulations, management and labor, continue to stand as barriers to establishing a successful presence overseas that are very difficult to surmount.

Very often, inability to account for the crucial differences between the ways business is conducted, and the ways products and services are marketed and advertised in different regions, leads to an enterprise's entrance into a new market becoming an enormous failure that results in significant financial losses and permanent damage do company reputation.

Unus Mundus' solutions will enable your business to swiftly familiarize with local market conditions and convey your company's identity. Our services allow clients to brand, market and advertise products in ways conforming to local audiences' expectations.

With our wide expertise in the fields of business communication, marketing, advertising, web presence and business research, Unus Mundus offers solutions that not only allow our clients to enter new markets with impeccable preparation, but also but to take advantage of the opportunity to differentiate themselves from competition with their unique characteristics, exhibiting them in a manner that the target audience can fully understand.

Our Company

Unus Mundus provides solutions that enable our clients to conduct business-to-consumer and business-to-business commerce in new markets, including relevant localized advertising, branding, marketing, communication and research, as well as aiding companies in organizing their international expansion.

Based in Poland the country in the very center of Europe, we provide our clients with the possibility of communicating the identity of their enterprises and brands to overseas markets, as well as fully familiarize themselves with regions they aim to conquer.

In marketing, we put the expectations, feelings, sentiments and tastes of the audience in the target region at the core of the entire campaign, from initial visual identity creation and developing marketing language, to the actual implementation in media that connect our clients to their future partners and consumers.

Unus Mundus' services are performed partly in-house, partly by our industry-leading partners, and coordinated at project level by our experts who ensure the delivery of fully cohesive and concept-consistent packages.

Our project coordinators are specialists in the fields of design, international business communication and marketing, passionate about creative challenges and devoted to delivering quality that matches and exceeds industry leaders in all relevant fields.

The majority of our clients are businesses and individuals coming from China and other East Asian regions seeking to expand their business activities to the European Union.

Owing to our extensive expertise in all relevant fields and familiarity with the target regions we handle, we are always able to offer results that perfectly suit all relevant conditions of the project.

The help that we offer

Our company can provide the following services:

Registration and establishment of enterprises, including arrangements for resources, equipment and premises

Registration and establishment of branches and representative offices

Legal services, financial solutions and accounting

Market research and business consulting services, including:

  • Local business conditions and practices
  • Local law and procedures
  • Investment opportunities
  • Competing businesses
  • Consumers
  • Potential partners
  • Government issued statistical data
  • Patents
  • Economic statistics and data analysis

Marketing services

Product marketing strategy development

Advertising, including the following media:

  • Audiovisual
  • Company website and online presence
  • Print

Local business communication

Visa and resident permit application

Brand and product localization

  • complete visual identity
  • brand development
  • verbal brand identity
  • translation and adaptation

Event organization and participation

  • Product and Brand Launches
  • Trade shows
  • Exhibits
  • Promotions

Edge you can attain

Choosing Unus Mundus' services entails multiple unique, key advantages to your business:

Our services allow the client to submit fully localized offerings to their new markets. In business-to-consumer commerce, this allows for providing consumers with products and services they will find perfectly familiar, but at the same time novel and unique, that they can identify with, and stay loyal to. In Business-to-business commerce, it allows for offering solutions whose recipients in local business sectors can readily trust and accept.

At Unus Mundus, we place localisation at the basis of all marketing and advertising project planning. As Research in the field of marketing clearly shows, enterprises need to plan their entrances into new geographical locations with catering directly to the populace of that particular location from the very onset, in order to succeed in competing with businesses already present there.

Because of our top-level expertise in localising marketing activities of various businesses, our clients can rest assured that the solutions Unus Mundus provides will convey their unique, exceptional traits, while appearing entirely familiar to the target audience, and will from the start match or surpass the standard exhibited by local businesses they' ll be competing with.

Research of markets and various other business conditions that is performed entirely locally allows for extraction of information necessary for proper product and service positioning and pricing, which also form basal factors for development of regional businesses subsidiaries and their marketing materials.

Experience in working with multiple highly specialized top-level partners and expertise in recognizing specialization needed to provide services for particular companies in particular industries allows for delivery of comprehensive solutions whose every aspect is produced to the highest available quality standard.

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